Michael Hernandez

About Michael Hernandez

Hi, my name is Michael Hernandez.

I am interested in a variety of subjects, including technology, psychology, art, music, reading, writing, and nature to name a few. My interests usually drive me to learning something new everyday.

Growing up, I learned that I had an ability to subtly influence others. After causing some low-grade riots, mutinies, and insurrection on the school yard, I decided to tone things down. These early experiences sparked my interest in psychology and ultimately led to my studies in marketing. I now practice these skills constructively through my career.

I value quality, effectiveness, and simplicity. I think that my greatest strengths are my creativity and resourcefulness, while weaknesses that I have worked to overcome include shyness and not fully valuing the work that I produce.

About This Website

This website was hand-coded by Michael Hernandez, who employed only the highest-quality materials and techniques in its construction.

On a more serious note, the site utilizes standard HTML5, CSS3, and a little JavaScript for a feature or two. I implemented a custom PHP-backend that pulls page components together from the file system. The focus is on speed, content, and user experience. It should work in most web browsers, be they the latest-and-greatest or of a vintage variety.

I have tested this site in the following browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, and Lynx.

Contact Information

Have something to say? Did you find a typo? I appreciate all feedback, criticism, or praise that you have to dish out.

Email: feedback@MichaelHernandez.xyz

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